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DD-WRT – (re)setting the gateway via SSH

Today I was toying with my router and accidentally change the gateway to another address.
I still had internet connectivity, but could not access the GUI for my DD-WRT based router.

Luckily, I had enabled SSH on the router so I figured there must be a way to reset my gateway via the command line and I did eventually figure it.

First, I logged into my shell and ran the following commands to show what was available to me:

You’ll see a long, long, long list of commands that are available in NVRAM, which is the place where all settings are stored on DD-WRT.

Scrolling through the list I noticed an option – lan_gateway= and figured that was what I need to change!

Next, I ran the following command to set my gateway to since the router is also my gateway):

Then save the changes to NVRAM:

And finally, to verify the changes…

..which returned Success!

Last step is to simply reboot the router and I was finally able to access the DD-WRT GUI again.

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