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Enable Flight Mode on Lenovo Ideapad 700 (80RU)

So I recently purchased a Lenovo Ideapad 700 (80RU) and as a good geek, the first thing I did was wipe the drive, deleting all traces of any Lenovo pre-installed software…which was not much.
Anyways, the machine runs great except one small feature that I could not get to work which was enabling the flight mode toggle on my keyboard.
Would I actually ever use this? Not sure? Could I simply not enable/disable flight mode manually? Yes. Did it bug the crap out of me that it was not working? Absolutely.

So, to the forums I went and I kept finding people talking about installing Lenovo Power Management and then the button should work. So, I gave it a shot but it failed.
I tried various combinations of the Power Management drivers and Flight Mode driver but nothing seemed to work.

So today I decided to go through all the software listed on the Lenovo web site for my model (link and found this one odd piece of software called Lenovo Utility. I cannot find any reference of what it’s for anywhere.

So I made a System Restore Point and gave this software a shot….and it worked!

Best I can figure is that this application allows the hardware to communicate with the software and let’s us (at least) enable the Flight Mode button. I’m not sure what else this application does, but it seems to have a very small memory footprint. Hey, whatever works!

So anyways, the summary is to install the Lenovo Utility first, then the Flight Mode driver and you should be all set.

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