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MiniDLNA paths in OpenWRT

I’ve recently made the switch from using DD-WRT to OpenWRT ( which is essentially what DD-WRT is based on. I now have a much leaner, cleaner and more control over my router.

One thing that has bugged me was that I decided to enable MiniDLNA on the router but was having issues getting it to recognize folders correctly.

The note on the miniDLNA setup screen read:

Set this to the directory you want scanned. If you want to restrict the directory to a specific content type, you can prepend the type (‘A’ for audio, ‘V’ for video, ‘P’ for images), followed by a comma, to the directory (eg. media_dir=A,/mnt/media/Music). Multiple directories can be specified.

So, based on this logic, I enter three different paths:

But could not get the miniDLNA service to start. I tried to add the paths as /mnt/sda5/NAS/Music, but what happened is that it would scan my Music library and think that my album art images were images (which is technically correct, but not what I was looking after) and display these images in my Music folder.

After much trial and error, I looked at the minidlna.conf file and noticed that my media directories were listed as follows:

It looked similar to the example given above, so what I did was modify the paths in the OpenWRT miniDLNA section to read:

And what do you know, that did the trick. I was able to turn on miniDLNA and all of my media was showing up in the proper folders.

I may have some more updates on my tinkerings with OpenWRT as I learn more about this system. So far, I have enabled DDNS, miniDLNA and extended my root partition (see extroot). Next might be OpenVPN or Ad Block…so many possibilities…

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